E-Creations Multimedia

E-Creations Multimedia is a company that aims at providing the software and multimedia solutions to the organizations of type like software companies, schools and education industry and publishers across the world. It tries to re-engineer their existing learning courseware and products into multimedia, audio-visual and computer-based learning and training. Our aim is to think beyond the textual matter and provide our clients the visual, innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions in a time-effective manner.

We are specialised in 2-D animation work, to make the visual concept in the minds a reality.

Some of our major works include developing animated rhymes and stories, developing software for better information management, developing illustrations for medical and engineering and other sought-after courses, developing Flash and Dreamweaver-based websites, etc.

As a multimedia-based company, we aim to provide the interactive learning and training products in the form of CD-ROMs and DVD ROMs based on the clients’ requirements. The resources of E-Creations Multimedia comprisewell-experienced members having a proven track record of excellence in their fields. Ours is a registered company havinga good track record of providing satisfactory products to well-established market leaders in book publishing and animation industry which are having their operations worldwide. We built up the ideas of intelligent minds into reality in the form of graphic designs, illustrations and animations.